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Real friends
"Marc is loud, extrovert and always enthusiastic but at the same time helpful, attentive and very caring. If he would be an animal he’d be a giant panda because I like pandas – and I like Marc."
"Marc is the craziest person I’ve ever met in my life! But also one of the most honest, kindest and lovable ones. He always keeps a cool head and stays calm, when everybody else is stressed. With his fancy solutions and ideas he always makes me laugh. Everybody who has the chance to meet Marc or to work with him is a very lucky one."
"Marc is a great friend and an awesome business partner. His creativity combined with the passion to deliver outstanding results will impress you. Let him do the sales pitch and the business is yours!"
"Marc is the guy you are waiting for. No literally you are waiting for him - always. But forget the time - when he is coming - he will satisfy you."
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Some AI generated testimonials
Here are some Real fake reviews.
"I am completely blown away."
"No matter where you go, Marc's awesome creative problem solving is the coolest, most happening thing around! It's really wonderful. I use Marc's awesome creative problem solving often."
"I'd be lost without Marc's awesome creative problem solving."
"After using Marc's awesome creative problem solving my business skyrocketed!"
[eng.] "Marc! It was a bright surprise - Spotlight on! =) We keep in contact! Still all the best! Lena"
[eng.] "Dear Marc, it was nice to had you on our team. Thanks for the great support, the creative sparks and the pleasant talks at 3 am in the morning. All the best! Nico"
[eng.] "Marcy Marc, thanks for being here. I wish you a happy journey onto your next destination. Excited to hear more innovative ideas about Tinder-Matching from you. Best Anja."
Innovative Tinder Ideas?
What about some tinder testimonials?
best of
received by marc
[eng.] "You suck."
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Source: Tinder India
[eng.] "you're pretty creative, i'll give you that. haha"
[eng.] "😂😂😂 I like your humor.
[eng.] "somehow a little gay"
[eng.] "oh man I can't take it anymore 😂😂😂. how is it even possible to be that funny!😂"
[eng.] "This here is way to exhausting with you. I love to date man who can articulate well and can express themself eloquently, but your text here really is somehow too much haha"
[eng.] "The winner of this month tinder bio belongs to you 😂😂 "
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We need to talk
your solution
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I am interested in your thoughts And taste of beer
Not sure what to talk about ? Then let's connect
And talk later.
The end.
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The Beginning.
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